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*B CH Rachelsie Notte Sento ("Notte") - Polled / Purebred

Swiss Sire

+B SG Sento (Import Semen)

Swiss Dam

Milk-N-Mor Ritzman

Milk-N-Mor Midnight Dreamer 1*M

Milk-N-Mor Mans Super Redwing

"Notte" is a dream come true. I have wanted a polled, purebred "Sento" son for ten years. I had to wait for a purebred doe that had the udder and production records to justify using my precious semen. As often happens, you get more than you expect..... good and bad. "Dreama" delivered triplet bucks (two polled, one horned), but she developed a very aggressive uterine infection and I lost her. "Notte" is the very dark mahogany like his sire, and has exceptional dairy character and breed character. He also has the strong feet, tight toes, and strong pasterns that "Sento" consistently produces. "Notte" finished his championship with a Best In Show as a two year old buck! His 2012 kids were lovely and "Notte" will be used on a number does for 2014 kids.

Milk-N-Mor Mischief-Maker ("Mischief") - Purebred

Milk-N-Mor Redman

Milk-N-Mor Red Baron

Milk-N-Mor D-Nite Redbird

++B Tonka-Tails Sir Chesterfield

Milk-N-Mor CR Mischief

CH Milk-N-Mor B Miss Ritsi

"Lil' Mischief" is a opportunity that I could not pass up. When I went to visit Marlys Miller of the Milk-N-Mor herd to pick up my new purebred does (one is this buck's grand-dam), I was mesmerized by this buck kid and his sister. When she offered him for sale, I could not refuse. "Mischief" is bred to three does for 2014 kids.

*B Chaos Caprines Up To No Good ("Westley") - Purebred LaMancha

+B Dagron Taipei's Toronto

*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom

GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M

Adams-Creek Knokonheavensdoor

Chaos Caprines Ismine 2*M

Chaos Caprines Scheherazade 1*M

This "Atom" son is a carbon copy of his sire. "Atom" was actually owned by our family herd (C-R-Ears); Kelley Hines (Here-B-Goats); and Rachel Anderson (Chaos Caprines). Kelley had been on Autumn-Acres waiting list for a 2010 buckling, but after the devastating fire at Autumn-Acres, Kelley was offered "Atom". She knew I was just crazy enough to go in with her to purchase the buck. Rachel offered to make the trip to Michigan to retrieve him, so we agreed to owned him three ways. "Atom" is no longer with us, but between my "Westley" and several nice does that Rachel has kept, we are excited about using the "Atom" genetics in our breeding programs.

KBARC Zim's Chewbacca ("Chewie") - Toggenburg

++*B Dairy Delight MDJP Whittier

KBARC DDW Zimbabwe


*B KBARC RP Saxaphone

CH KBARC Sax's Tymphany

KBARC Wins Rondo Rhonda

2013 was the year we goat crazy and added Toggenburgs! "Chewie" is a wonderful representative of both the Toggenburg breed and of the K BAR C breeding program, he won his first two championship legs when he was thirteen months old. His first Toggenburg daughter is lovely and he has produced some stellar Experimentals in the Chaos Caprines herd. Rachel owns "Chewie", but we share his genetics. Limited semen is available.

Reference Sires
These bloodlines have been used in my herd, but the bucks are no longer in residence. The pedigrees and comments are listed here for informational purposes. Semen available as listed.

Rachelsie Edmond Fitzgerald ("Edmond") - Polled / Purebred

Ivy Patch FL Tetonka

Rachelsie Wobegon

Creek Bank Farm R-RW Darlin

Ivy Patch FL Tetonka

Rachelsie Dreamweaver

Rachelsie Daydream Believer

"Edmond" has a wonderful, loving temperament -- even for a rutting buckling! Only time will prove it, but this boy is bred to be a 'udder buck'. We are eagerly awaiting his 2012 daughters to freshen in 2014. "Edmond" now resides in Lake Wales, FL at the A_M Acres and they are excited to have his influence in their herd.

CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Choo Choo ("Choo") - American

++*B Seneca Valley's Alexander

FDF-Pleasant-Fields Alex

CH F.D.F. Pleasant-Fields Kendra

National Champion, 2000

*B Y-Knot Cayenne's Sinapore 2-05 87 VEE

One*Oak*Hill Sin Chalice 4-05 89 VEEV

One*Oak*Hill Private Chaos 6-07 90 VEEE

This is one of the last kids born in Ferrell Field's herd. The years of dedication that Ferrell devoted to his Oberhasli is reflected in "Choo". This buck exemplifies soundness! I first saw him as a very young buckling, and was impressed by his breed character. He joined my herd in January 2006, and he has matured to be an outstanding buck. He is proving it in the show ring with winning his first championship leg at Rutfest 2006. In eight shows, he won 2 ResCH, 2 GCH and 1 BOB in AOP competition; and 2 ResCH and 1 GCH in Oberhasli sanctioned competition. "Choo" finished his Championship at Rutfest 2007. He was LA'd in May 2007 as a 05-00, he scored 86 VEE. Limited semen is available. He is used in my herd via AI, watch for his daughters, and grand-daughters in the show ring.

CH New-Era WT Red-Red Wine ("Rudy") - Purebred

*B F.D.F. Pleasant-Fields Sorek 1-01 84 +V+

Y-Knot Sorek's Wine Taster 2-02 84 +V+

Y-Knot Retsina's Dancin'Wine 2*M 5-02 81 VEEA

+*B Y-Knot Retsina's Time To Dance 3-01 87 VEE

F.D.F. Pleasant-Fields Adar 5-02 88 VEEV

GCH Destiny-Farm Wendy 1*M 2-10 83 +V++

This pedigree speaks for it's self! I have "Adar's" triplet sister, "Abdeel" (now retired), and love the tremendous body capacity this bloodline carries. "Rudy" produced lovely kids here at Rachelsie Farm. He has 'stamped' each with his lovely dished face, and little ears; and he consistently produces tall, growthy kids; with long bodies, and level top lines. "Rudy" was shown at Rutfest 2006 and won two of his championship legs by going 2X GCH, and 1X ResCH. He finished his championship at Rutfest 2007 with a GCH, BOB, and BIS win! Rachelsie Farm is pleased to announce that "Rudy" is now the senior herd sire at Blu Moon Oberhasli in WI. Semen is available.

CH New-Era WT Red-Red Wine - Purebred Get-Of-Sire

POH Raintree Kor-Tz ("Kortz") - Polled / Purebred LaMancha

CH South-Fork Illegal Rhumba

King-Farm Rhumba Korazon

CH Kastdemur's Badattitude KayKay

King-Farm Geyser's Chill'n CC

POH Everlasting Crystal

Raintree Simba Ella Grace

"Kortz" was a surprise from Kelley Hines of Here-B-Goats Lamanchas. Kelley knows I have a 'thing' about polled and have been wanting a polled LaMancha herd sire. She did her wheeling & dealing and presented me with this wonderful gift. Tragically we lost "Kort-z" to an accident, fortunately he was collected before his un-timely death. His bloodline will make a stellar addition to Rachel's LaMancha herd (Chaos Caprines) as well as my token "ear-less" does.

Homeland Dairy AR Thorn - Purebred (2 Championship legs)

*B New-Era David's Knight

Y-Knot Knight's Adar

F.D.F. Pleasant-Fields Adar 5-02 88 VEEV

*B F.D.F. Pleasant-Fields Sorek 1-01 84 +V+

Y-Knot Sorek's Vin Rose 3*M

Y-Knot Retsina's Dancin'Wine 2*M 5-02 81 VEEA

This is the bloodline that my breeding program is based on. After loosing my beloved "Vin Rose", I went on a mission to regain the lost bloodline. I was fortunate to find her son "Thorn", who joined the Rachelsie herd in July 2006. He reminded me of his dam... he had the lovely, elegant dished face, and the sweet temperament. "Thorn" was LA'd in May 2007 as a 04-02 with a score of 86 VEE. We are excited to have a nice selection of daughters, and grand-daughters. "Thorn" dis-located his knee before he could finish his Championship. After the 2009 fall breeding season, he gave up the struggle of dealing with his crippling injury. I have a beautiful 2010 daughter from "Jingle" and I plan to use him in the future through AI. Semen is available.

Ivy Patch FL Tetonka ("Tonka") - Purebred

++B Tonka-Tails sir Chesterfield

*B Meadowsong Chester's Flint

Triple-S-Farms TSVA Halona 8*M

+B Haycreeks SA Sabastain

CH Cardinal*Hill S Lorelei

Cardinal*Hill ARI Ziggy Poppy 3*M

Cheryl Harris of Ivy Patch generously shared her wonderful udder genetics by sending "Tonka" to me. I had the pleasure of standing second to this bucks' dam on many occasions. "Lorelei" had a fantastic udder! Both of "Tonka's" maternal brothers have passed on that wonderful udder. "Tonka" semen is available.

AI Reference Sires ( Under Construction)
These bloodlines are used in my herd through AI, each buck is linked to his pedigree by clicking on the name. (Be sure to click your browser "back" button to return to this page). Limited semen is available, contact me by E-Mail: rachelsie@yahoo.com for semen sales.

Lyme-Kiln ALB Heerlich - Polled / Purebred

Y-Knot Time's Fancy Pants - American

Tonka Tails Sir Chesterfield - Purebred

+*B SG Highwater Alchemist - American

One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord - American

SG Y-Knot Retsina's Time To Dance - Purebred

FDF-Pleasant Fields Sorek - Purebred

+B SG Sento - Polled / Purebred (Import Semen)

The 'Boys' have their own trailer ...

I enjoy showing the bucks, but their stinky selves are not going in my big show trailer. In the southeast, it is necessary for the goats to travel in air-conditioning or travel at night because of the heat. I designed this trailer for all weather - it is fully air-conditioned and heated, and has fans for those few days that a/c or heat are not needed.

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