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C-R-Ears Recorded Grade Dairy Goats

This is our recorded grade and experimentals herd. Our "model" is Little Shepherd's Ceridwyn 1*M (50% LaMancha/50% Nubian). In this picture, she was 20 weeks pregnate with triplets! Some are "oops" babies that have great potential, and some are planed experimental breedings. Exceptional recorded grade kids are occasionally offered for sale.

SG Adams-Creek M'Lady Godiva 2*M (Purebred Lamancha)

+*B GCH Me's-Ranch Stairway To Heaven

CH Adams-Creek SWLLQ Peacock

SG Adams-Creek Gabfancy Lalique

+*B GCH Me's-Ranch Stairway To Heaven

SGCH Adams-Creek SWPRZ Sunkist1*M

SGCH Adams-Creek MMMSHR Prize

"Diva" lives up to her name everyday! She lets everyone know that she is the spoiled darling of the farm... the diva! When my daughter asked me to select a LaMancha jr herd sire from June Bryant's Adams-Creek herd, I fell in love with the set of triplets from "Sunkist". The only problem was my daughter only wanted ONE... a buck. I just couldn't resist the gorgeous doeling of the triplet set, and decided that if I bought the doeling, then there would be no problem. "Diva" has matured to be everything I saw in that precious baby doe. She achieved Breed Leader status in 2011 as a 5 year old with 194 pounds butterfat; 2810 pounds milk; 98 pounds protein in 305 days in milk. She is semi retired and will not be bred for 2014 kids.

Chaos Caprines Seussical (Grade LaMancha)

++*B Hammerich's Zebas Charmer Beau (L)

+*B GCH Me's-Ranch Stairway to Heaven (L)

GCH Me's Ranch Lamar Chantilly 1*M (L)

Rainbow's-End Jilani (L)

Little-Shepherd Ceridwyn 1*M (GL)

(Nubian Doe)

"Seussical" was one of triplets born the previous year before the above picture was take. I was always fond of this doe, and when "Ceridwyn" presented triplets the following year as well, Rachel gave me "Seussical". In 2009, "Seussical" was bred to Rachel's herd sire Chaos Caprines Shah Riar for 2010 spring kidding. Her daughter C-R-Ears Yuzz-A-Ma-Tuzz is listed below. "Seussical" is retired.

C-R-Ears Lady Madonna 3*M (Experimental/Polled)

Milk-N-Mor PG Red Apache

Trinity Rose George

Milk-N-Mor D-Nite Robin

CH Adams-Creek SWLLQ Peacock

SG Adams-Creek M'Lady Godiva 2*M

SGCH Adams-Creek SWPRZ Sunkist 1*M

"Maddy" was a planned Experimental breeding. I wanted to put the udder and volume of her dam on Oberhasli, but those pesky little ears are very dominate! So I have given up on that experiment and just enjoy "Maddy" for the wonderful elf-eared milking marvel that she is. "Maddy" achieved Breed Leader status as a 2 year old with 3370 pounds milk; 143 pounds butterfat; 107 pounds protein in 305 days in milk. She will be bred AI to Altrece Almost Legal for 2014 kids.

C-R-Ears Yuzz-A-Ma-Tuzz 1*M (American LaMancha)

++*B SGCH Coastside Rum Runner

Chaos Caprines Shah Riar

Chaos Caprines Scheherazade 1*M

+*B GCH Me's-Ranch Stairway To Heaven

Chaos Caprines Seussical

Little-Shepherd Ceridwyn 1*M

"Yammie" has the udder we all dream of -- "socked on" and beautifully soft. To look at her, you don't she carries as much milk as she does. She earned her milking star as a 2 year old with 1860 pounds milk in 257 days in milk. Unfortunatly she lost her 2013 pregnancy but decided to keep milking. She will be bred again to Chaos Caprines Up To No Good for 2014 kids.

2012 Yearlings

I only retained five kids, the LaMancha doeling and the Experimental doeling are listed here.

C-R-Ears C-R-Ears Chocolatier (Purebred LaMancha)

King-Farm Rhumba Korazon

POH Raintree Kor-Tz

POH Everlasting Crystal

CH Adams-Creek SWLLQ Peacock

SG Adams-Creek M'Lady Godiva 2*M

SGCH Adams-Creek SWPRZ Sunkist 1*M

"Cocoa" is my heart. She is a 'diva' like her dam, but she has a way of being sweet with her demands. "Cocoa" is a coming two-year old, and bred to Chaos Caprines Shah Riar for 2014 kids.

C-R-Ears Time Warp (Experimental)

Redtail Ridge Lea's Stryder

C-R-Ears Two Outa' Three

GCH C-R-Ears Twizzler 1*M

+B Altrece Almost Legal

Meyer's Legal's Partly Cloudy 2*M

GCH Meyer's MSG Cloud Dancer 1*M

"Pa-Tootie" is my 'designer' baby. Her sire is my draft wether, "Odie", whom I had collected before he was wethered. This also makes her the grand-daughter of my beloved "Twizzler". As a coming two-year old, she will be bred to Chaos Caprines Mighty Quinn for 2014 kids.

Reference Does

C-R-Ears Twisted Tiara (Experimental/Polled)

Milk-N-Mor PG Red Apache

Trinity Rose George

Milk-N-Mor D-Nite Robin

Adams-Creek Knokonheavensdoor

C-R-Ears Twist of Fate 1*M

C-R-Ears Twisted Sister

"Tiara" is a great-grand daughter of my first LaMancha / Oberhasli Expermental. It took 4 generations to put "ears" back on. She has erect ears, but a little low set, her daughter (5th Generation) finally has nice erect ears. "Tiara" has produced triplets first and second freshenings, and I don't like triplet births! She is has relocated to a herd in south Florida where she will be a recipient doe for embryo tranplant. Daughters from both freshenings are retained in our herds.

2007 was a heartbreaking spring for us at Rachelsie Farm. My beloved "Twizz" lost her life carrying triplets... it is so hard to accept that sometimes "things happen". I had bred her and her daughter with the dream of showing at Nationals in the dam & daughter class.....alas, that was not to happen. These two does are referenced here, because "Twizz's" legacy is carried on through her great-grand-daughter.... C-R-Ears Twisted Tiara.

GCH C-R-Ears Twizzler 1*M (50%L / 50%B)

One*Oak*Hill Tweed Mako (L)

*B FDF-Pleasant-Fields Galileo (L)

One*Oak*Hill Medicine Vestage 2*M (L)

Club Y-Knot Soreks Honor Guard

FDF-Pleasant-Fields HG Tribute

CH One*Oak*Hill Timon Twist

"Twizzler" was the perfect blending of Oberhasli and LaMancha. The udder genetics in this doe produced the 'perfect' udder! As our family herd's (C-R-Ears) foundation recorded grade, she proved herself in the show ring by winning multiple Best Doe in Show, and Best Udder in Show. My proudest day was when she went Best Doe in Show at the 2006 Kentucky State Fair! "Twizzler" earned her milk star as a 2 year-old, first freshener with 2414 lbs milk. In 2006, she exceeded 2800 lbs milk. She LA'd in May 2006 with a score of 92 EEEE!

Her grand-daughter, C-R-Ears Twist of Fate ("Tofi") was the perfect example of the saying "...genetics is what is floating at the top of the gene pool at the moment of conception." I bred for correct Oberhasli markings; erect ears; polled; and udder. To accomplish this, I used an old line, polled Oberhasli buck that is very strong in Oberhasli breed character. I did get the polled, and got the udder, but I sure didn't get anything Oberhasli!

C-R-Ears Twist Of Fate (63%L / 38%B)

CH Adams-Creek SWLLQ Peacock (L)

Adams-Creek Knokonheavensdoor (L)

SGCH Adams-Creek SWPRZ Sunkist 1*M (L)

Lyme Kiln TI Tartus (B)(Polled)

C-R-Ears Twisted Sister (E)(Polled)

GCH C-R-Ears Twizzler 1*M (E)

"Tofi" was bred to "George" for polled, Expermintal kids...I got twins, but I also got more heartbreak. The second kid was every breeder's nightmare - stuck! And as it always seems to go, it was a Sunday and my usual vet was not available. The on call vet was not experienced in delivering goats and made the fatal mistake of pulling the feet first and tore "Tofi's" uterus wall. All the care and love could not save her.

My website would not be complete without the famous "Odie"....

C-R-Ears Two Outa' Three (25%L / 75%B)

*B Redtail Ridge Promise's Tilk (B)

Redtail Ridge Lea's Strider (B)(Polled)

Redtail Ridge Kenya's Lea (B)

FDF-Pleasant-Fields Galileo (L)

GCH C-R-Ears Twizzler 1*M (E)

FDF-Pleasant-Fields HG Tribute (B)(Polled)

When I bred "Twizzler" to the Swiss genetics buck, "Stryder", I had specific traits in mind: Color; Size; and Ears... well, I got two of the three! The genetic wizard even threw in polled, but honestly I would rather have had tiny, erect, OBERHASLI ears! With the udder genetics from both sides, and the tremendous strength, dairy character, and soundness of feet and legs; I kept him a buck long enough to get him collected. As a baby, he displayed his wonderful, sweet temperment and it was easy to see he was going to be a big one, so I started his training as a draft wether. "Odie" has done parades, carting demonstrations, and "goat goodwill" appearances; he loves the attention, always displays perfect manners!

Miniature Viceroy Carriage.....

Christmas Parade with "Balar" packing.....

2012 Christmas Parade.....

The girls travel in luxury.....

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